Advanced course on media literacy and critical thinking in countering disinformation and information manipulation in the US and Portugal and the wider Euro-Atlantic space.
The MEDIACTION project (henceforth MEDIACTION) includes a short-term online course promoting media literacy and critical thinking, focusing on key concepts as well as public policies developed by the European Union and NATO, but also the broader USA and Portugal. The course is composed of five lessons with several videos each, as well as infographics and quizzes on the topics presented in the videos.

The first lesson focuses on fundamentals and targets key concepts related to the topic of the project, including misinformation and disinformation; disinformation as a hybrid threat; fake news and propaganda; and geo-localization.

The second lesson focuses on the dissemination of disinformation and includes videos on the role of technology in this regard, on specific tools, including social networks, and includes a very current case study – Russian disinformation in the context of the war in Ukraine.

The third lesson delves into the key role played by journalism and fact checking, and includes videos on how journalists tackle disinformation, what regular citizens can do on their own to be more critical of the content they have access to, as well as a video focusing on fact checking narratives surrounding the war in Ukraine.

The fourth lesson includes several videos focusing on the policies being developed by two organizations that are central for ensuring the security of the Euro-Atlantic space: the European Union and NATO.

Finally, the fifth lesson focuses on the national level, with videos on the policies adopted by the US and Portugal to counter disinformation and manipulation of information.

On September 26 2022, the MEDIACTION conference took place in Lisbon, and will be live streamed and recorded on our platform. On September 29, a lecture on EU-NATO relations (including in the area of disinformation and hybrid threats) under the aegis of the Global Challenges Summer School (organized by Iscte – University Institute of Lisbon) also took place.

In addition to these lessons, we’ve also compiled a toolbox with a series of different projects and initiatives outside MEDIACTION that seek to counter disinformation and foster critical thinking, as well as a book with contributions prepared by our guest lecturers and infographics on the various topics discussed during the course – available on the MEDIACTION website.    

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